Bart, Mr Leather Belgium 2018


I was elected during the Antwerp leather pride in February 2018.

For me it was crucial to invest lots of time in my local community. More specifically by founding the monthly fetish socials.  Objective was simple:  attract new people in the fetish scene by organizing socials in regular bars. Next to that, I have also become one of the public faces of the local campaign from Sensoa in promotion of safe sex, for which I also contribute to panel discussions.

Throughout my year, I have been traveling to other European destinations, with a conscious focus to support smaller and/or new communities, including Russia and Portugal.

Last, but not least, I also realized I wanted to do something for LGBTs that have to fear for their life in some regions in Africa, Middle east, russia, …  To raise money for Rainbow Railroad,  Mister leather Belgium shower gel was born.