Dries, Mr Leather Austria 2018


My name is Dries, I’m 34 years old. I was born and raised in Belgium. The last 10 years of my life, I have spent living in Vienna, Austria. The country for which I currently hold the 2018 title of Mister Fetish / Leather.

As Mister Fetish / Leather Austria, I want to draw the attention to gay people suffering from depression and other psychological challenges and support them to find help. I realised that this topic is mostly kept into the shadow. Currently I am working with different medical and non-medical supporting bodies in Vienna, to draw this topic into the spotlight, and promote an active dialogue.

I love and support different kind of fetishes as leather, motorbike / MX / protection gear, rubber, sport and even some of the combinations. To me, fetish is about how a certain material or clothing combination makes a person feel, and the effect it has to bring out the best (or worst ;-)) in him.

Therefore, as Mister Leather Europe, I would love to represent our European community as a diverse, polyvalent, open and accepting culture for fetish. Additionally, i would continue to expand the discussion on psychological welfare on a European level.