Laurent, Mr Leather France 2018


Since 14 years, I dedicated my life to the practice of canoeing. Doubtless to face to my seropositivity. I’ve a rich social life as an associative leader, as a kayak teacher and as an activist in water protection. II want to use my experience to contribute to our recognition for the developpement of social bonds and our unity in brotherhood ! Since I’m Mister leather France, I’m more closer to the associations fighting against homophobia, transphobia and seropositivity discrimination. I’d the opportunity to be activly involved with a STD prevention association during the Gay Games Paris 2018, we could meet a very diverse public. It was also for me, an incredible opportunity of visibility as leatherman…in a wheelchair. So, I discussed taboo topics : the sexuality of disable people and their fetish life. I know I don’t go unnoticed, that’s why I want to become an European ambassador of our Community. A community of brotherhood, sharing, tolerance, inclusion, integration and respect ! Leather kisses to all of you.