Reto, Mr Leather Switzerland 2017


I bought in my twenties my first pieces of Leather and became slowly part of the international Leather brotherhood. Taking the chance as Mr Leather Switzerland 2017, I promised to give something back and to revive the Swiss Leather community. I started organizing social Leather activities. As a result of the growing interest, the „Leathermen of Switzerland“ were founded. As a contestant of Mr Leather Europe 2019 I would like to share my experience to emerging Leather communities: Finding their identity and motivate them to continue their valuable work with all the passion and energy they put in. Second, I promote openness to collaborate with and learn from others. This enriches diversity, but does not mean consolidation of tastes and preferences. Last but not least it is important to give a voice to everyone who cannot share our lives in freedom and luxury. With all our power we can fight for the values we stand for.