Simon, Mr Leather Wales 2017


I am 55 years old and an IT Consultant. When I left home in my early 20s I already knew I was gay and kinky. I found the community of Leathermen and was lucky to be taken on as a ‘boy’ by some good Tops. By the time I was 26, I was an organizer of SM Gays in London for several years before I left London for a life in the country. After finding and losing two husbands to HIV and cancer I wanted to give something back to the community that helped me survive, thrive and be me. So, it has been an honour and privilege to be the ambassador for my club, Leathermen Cymru, for the past year.

Having been trained by old school Tops, I consider myself to be a Leatherman with values and history, but I’m also aware of modern concerns around gender, sexuality, identity, rights, and consent and I will fight for anyone’s right to be themselves and to control their own bodies. I’m out and proud to be a Leatherman and I wear my leather every day, wherever I am going, whatever I am doing. I want to help other people, of any age, be out and proud in leather too. As I was taught many years ago: being a Leatherman makes you visible, so you’d better do it right. Do good. Have fun.